Type Of Guys Single Ladies Should Stay Away From.

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There are some type of men ladies should stay clear from, when indulging in a dating scene, lots of single ladies have wasted their time, emotions, money and otherwise to some group of men that don’t deserve them, making them feel inferior and used on the long run.

Sometimes it might be too late to turn back or walk away from such disrupt relationship, due to they have invested much in the relationship.

Guys are crafty when hiding their true identity, so it takes patience and thorough investigation to figure out who you are really dealing with.

Some ladies got blinded by the love and affection they get from these men,  making them feel reluctant of the future.

Ladies who are in search of guys they can have a future together with, and engage in a decent and heartwarming dating service should avoid this type of men like a plague.

A player
These set of people tops the list of guys ladies should avoid. They are flirts, they flirt with every woman that comes their way.

Players are hard to decipher their real agenda, when involved in any relationship with a lady, making it hard for ladies to figure them out.

As a lady, the only way to find out if he’s a player is to be keen enough, focus, don’t be carried away by his generosity and Mr nice guy looks.

A true player has no room for error, he makes his plan the last minute, making you feel secure and ignorant of his next move.

Been in a relationship with a player is a total waste of resources, he will dump your sorry ass when least you expected it, leaving you out in the cold.

So to avoid stories that touch the heart, always know your man you are dating, always keen on his affairs to know more about him.

A married man
A married man is a man that had entered into a conjugal or connubial state with a lady.

A state of a man been married to a woman. Some married men are unfaithful to their wife, posing as single entities to ladies.

In some state, when they are into a relationship with a lady, the lady may be aware of his status, but due to the exotic and flamboyant necessities she’s getting from him, she chose to remain adamant and enjoy all she can get from such man.

First, as a lady, you need to know that you have no future with a married man,  he can’t abandon his wife for you, he loves his wife dearly, you are just a side chick that can be kicked out when you have served your purpose.

In the case of been ignorant of his status, always be on a lookout for some obvious signs, like he can’t and will never invite you to his house, he knows the repercussion if he dares such nonchalant behavior.

He calls to see you in odd hours of the day. Always investigate to know the steps you are taking when involved in a dating scene with any man.

Mama’s boy.
This set of guys is called the mama’s boy, they live and breath under the shadow of their mom, they don’t make decisions on their own as a man, without consulting their mama for guidance.

They wait for their mom to cook their dishes, laundry their clothes and also bath them if possible.

Engaging in a dating scene with such guy means your schedules with him must go through the process of evaluation, from his mom first before any decision can be made.

I termed them a lazy fellow because they are not eligible enough to cater for themselves, more of keeping your dating scene with him alive and healthy.

Quick to anger
Every human being is prone to anger due to an unsatisfying state which they found themselves in, but we shouldn’t allow it to cloud our sense of judgment and reasoning.

Engaging in a dating service with a quick to anger man is like seating on a time bomb, you may be a victim of self-abuse and constant hostility that may endanger your health.

Non-ambitious man
Dating a non-ambitious man is not a wise decision to make as a lady, if you want a future ahead of you with any man, been ambitious as a man makes you predict the future and set out goals, in other to achieve your dreams and aspirations.

As a lady who thinks of getting married, you need to build your world around someone that has a vision, dream, and plan for his future.

When all these attributes are seen in him, you can also assist him to achieve those dreams the little way you can.

Every woman wishes to marry someone who is generous and ambitious in life, the few steps in achieving that is to engage in a relationship that will lead you to your dreams.

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