Signs That You Are Not His Girlfriend But A Side Chick.

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Men are getting smarter these days,  they raise a girl expectant of been his girlfriend, without the slightest idea that she is just a side chick, it happens all the time,  nowadays it’s like a tradition, married men been at the top list of those having numerous side chicks.

As a side chick, you can be given that title for a very long time,  things will be going on smoothly in your relationship, but there is a lady somewhere that he gives his all to.
There are signs which you should be on a look out for as a lady, Don’t ignore them because those might be your saving grace.

Excuses on valentine day

Valentine day is a special moment,  people who tend to be in a relationship makes it a memorable day for themselves, can never be joked with,  its meant to be spent with our loved ones.
No doubt, the day can be like any other day with the workload in the office, but if he didn’t make out time from his busy schedules to spend some moments with you, you may definitely be a side chick. Definitely, he has other plans to spend time with his main girlfriend. Learn to know that no matter how busy a guy can be, he will definitely make out time to spend with his girlfriend on special occasions, so if you are not with him during special days like this, you need to look very well before you leap.

He shades his phones from you

This can also be a clear indication that you might be the #2 girl in his life. Writing from experience, a friend of mine complains bitterly to me how the boyfriend grabs his phone anytime she feels like having access to it,  that’s terrible, Mind you,  phones are a personal gadget which some vital information should be kept private from people. But when he keeps on shading his phone a little too much with a heavy lock on it, he is hiding something, he doesn’t want you to gain access to any of his shady dealings with his #1 girlfriend, he’s protecting her image from you, you need to be vigilant.

He calls during odd times

Nobody wishes to be a side chick, it stinks, make out time to investigate your man properly, If he calls you during odd hours, it could be a red flag, he hesitates to pick calls, call back during odd times like late in the night, you are definitely his side chick. Men love to communicate, when he sees your calls and doesn’t pick up, he’s definitely spending time with the main chick which he can never resist her calls anytime, any day.

He avoids affection in public

If he always pulls away from you, like walking on the road together or in an event, he sees every opportunity to disengage himself from you in public, it could be a sign that you are his side chick.
When two adults are in a relationship, holding hands in inevitable, it can be done without one’s knowledge or an expression of affection to the partner, it gives people an in-debt feeling that two people are in a relationship, so when you try to initiate such gestures and he pulls out immediately, watch the signs.

He never introduces you to family and friends

This could be a definite sign, side chicks isn’t a prime concern in a relationship, their time is limited, with no much consideration. if he always shade off questions like I want to know any member of your family or friends, it could be a sign, in this case, he doesn’t want to jeopardize his actions, everyone already know about the main chick here, showing you off to those dear to him is definitely not cool, you may get to decipher his motive when you mingle with his family or friends, so he definitely needs to cover his tracks.
Whenever you see any of this sign, investigate more about the man you are in a relationship with, you deserve better than the title of a side chick.

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