How To Maintain Your Relationship To The Next Level

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 This is an exclusive guide on how to maintain your relationships.

So many relationships have  hit the rock in the last minute, due to some certain circumstances, influences that  affect the two opposite sex . There are so many ways to avoid such ugly experiences,  which may hamper or break ones dating services,  leaving them emotionally torn.

Neglecting some common attributes can break a relationship,  that takes years and more effort to build. Some of the tips listed below have been analyzed,  proven true of been the ways in maintaining a relationship.


Communication is a vital component that should not be neglected in any relationship. Its the oxygen which all relationship need,  to stir its way to the right direction. There are so many ways one can communicate to its partner,  either in a long term  relationship or otherwise, keeping tabs on each other makes is quite a good move,  in maintaining and keeping your dating services stronger by the day. A little gesture like calling your partner on phone,texting them, voicing out your emotions in any of the communication channels available,  can ignite the rate of love and affection needed in keeping the relationship alive.

Be Supportive

Been in any dating services isn’t all about the kisses, spending time together etc, it goes beyond that.

If you want an evergreen dating services with your partner, noting elevates the spirit of a man in seeing his partner supporting him both in his hustling modes, academics, during challenges and otherwise.

Been in support of each others career, dreams and aspirations will make each other feel fulfilled, advising your partner, supporting and bringing out ideas that will harness each others future, it goes a long way in maintaining your dating services with your partner.



Been trust worthy means placing confidence on someone, been assured, having faith on an individual.  Its a virtue which takes much time to build and harness, and also too easy to break.

Building trust with your partner starts from the early stage of any relationship, as times goes on, the trust becomes stronger as day passes.

When engaging in any relationship,  for a stronger and healthy dating life, you need to build trust first with your partner, having trust means you are confident in each others judgment,plans and contributions.

Love goes hand in hand with trust because you can’t trust someone you don’t have any affection or love for.

Trust issues like cheating on each other, lying and other social vices.  can hamper and bring about tantrum in the relationship, making it difficult to trust your partners judgement and contributions, when some of these bad gestures begin to eat deep into our psyches,  love tends to diminish which may bring about breakup later on.

Been Selfish

Selfishness is a can-can worm that should not be tolerated in ones relationship. Some people are naturally selfish, lacking consideration for others and the act of sycophancy, not been able to consult your partner, on things that matters in relationships, keeping things to yourself.

Like a friend of mine who doesn’t allow his girlfriend to touch any of his gadgets, they always quarrel all the time which later resulted in a breakup, because the girl in question couldn’t condone to his escapades of selfishness.

A relationship is all about sharing, contributing, forgiveness etc.

Learn to be selfless to each other and see your dating services or relationship stand the test of time.

 Compliment each other

A little compliment can go a long way. This has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt, the most consistent gesture which every human being loves to hear,  when a good deed has been initiated.

Writing from experience, I feel so bad if my good deeds on someone wasn’t complimented enough or noticed, it sends out a bad signal and keep me in a shallow thought like ”what could have gone wrong”, the same happens in relationships

Always compliment on good deeds that have a positive impact in your life, and don’t forget to spice things up by telling your partner some magically words like I love you, am proud of you, am so lucky to have you etc.

Some of these compliments elevates our minds, it also makes a better room for more good gestures  and  deeds.

Spend time together

Spending some quality time together can bring about the moments we crave for in our relationships, hanging out together, going on vacations etc.

Make out time for your partner and stop been a workaholic, if you truly want your relationship to work, make out time from your busy schedules and spend it on your partner, it goes a long way in maintaining your dating life, you won’t regret that you did.

These are some tips that are needed in maintaining our dating services and relationship. Feel free to add yours and don’t forget to drop your comments.

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